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An extraordinary celebration that will be remembered!Organization of birthdays and events for kids, teens and adults!

Our Features

What is special?

Extraordinary celebration 

Together, we can create an unusual celebration that will not be forgotten! It is not a regular visit to movies,  arcades or going out for pizza. It is something that is truly unique and special.

Suitable for anyone ages 8 and up 

Do you want to throw a birthday party for your children? Or maybe, for an adult? Perhaps it is a bachelor party? Our adventures are equally engaging and interesting for any age group. You can count on us! 

We provided over 5000 events

Every year we host hundreds of events, and we certainly know how to make it truly unforgettable! 

Party rooms

We have a location with two amazing adventures and two party rooms for pizza and cake! 

About Us 

Сonundroom Escape Rooms

Family Business

We are a company that was established by two brothers and their mother. This project is more than our business, it is an enormous part of our life. We truly care about it as it is our most important project, and this is why we pay very close attention to detail and customer service.


In 2015, we decided to open our first escape room in downtown Redmond. We love our city, so all of our other projects are also located in Redmond. It only takes 5-10 minutes to get to our VR arcade or School Of Magic from the location of our escape rooms.


Our locations in Redmond

The School Of Magic and The Crafted adventures

Our newest  location with an amazing educational adventures in the School of Magic and in the Crafted  is available for up to 16 guests ! We also have a spaces to enjoy pizza or cake!

Alice in Wonderland and Mona Lisa Heist

Our classic and most famous adventures in Redmond! We have 2 incredible real life escape rooms and VR arcade, where players can either try to save the tea party in Wonderland,  steal the most famous painting from  Louvre!  Every adventure can fit 3-8 players, which means that we can accommodate up to 16 people 

Northwest Express and Time Travel

Our most advanced  adventures for adults and teens in Redmond Downtown Park! Your team will have to stop train and save the world in 60 minutes ! Every adventure can fit 3-8 players, which means that we can accommodate up to 16 people. 

Virtual Reality Arcade

Just around the corner from our Conundroom Escape Quests we have a special place! In Odyssey VR, we have 4 headsets with virtual reality, where a team can play together (up to 4 people playing simultaneously) or switch around! 

Birthday packages!

The School of Magic + The Crafted + Party Room

Do you plan to host a big party for kids? Our school of magic and the crafted location is perfect for that! Each of our educational adventures is able to fit up to 4 adults or 8 kids at the same time (up to 16 at the same time). You can complete all adventures together and celebrate or split into 2 teams and take turns to challenge each other! We also have a space to enjoy pizza or cake!

*If you have more than 10 people on your team and need a big party room, you can rent Big Party Room for only $40 for the entire duration of the party. If you have a small team, a smaller party room is already included in the price!

Fully private location just for your party!
Capacity:  up to 16 players
Recommended for kids from 8 to 13
Duration: 2.5 hrs

With big party room up to 16 guests: $470

School of Magic


Small Party Room (Up to 10 participants)

Big Party Room (Up to 16 participants)

Alice in Wonderland + Mona Lisa Heist + VR arcade

You don’t need a party room or wish to eat somewhere else? Wonderful! In that case, we recommend trying out our more advanced quests and VR arcade. Teams can try to steal a painting from Louvre and save a crazy tea party in Wonderland. Then play 60 mins in VR Arcade games and then switch the quests!

Fully private location just for your party!

Capacity:  up to 16 players 

Recommended for anyone from 12 and above!
Duration: 2.5 hrs

Price with Virtual Reality Arcade : $490 
Price without Virtual Reality Arcade: $430 

Alice in Wonderland

Mona Lisa Heist

Northwest Express + Time Travel

Do you want a real challenge for the party? Try to stop a train or save the world from rouge AI at our main location in Redmond Downtown Park. The big Northwest Express and Time Travel adventures are perfect for a team of teens or adults! 

Fully private location just for your party!

Capacity:  up to 16 players 

Recommended for anyone from 14 and above!
Duration: 2.5 hrs

Flat price without party room: $430 

Northwest Express

Time Travel


Want to come up with something special by yourself? No problem! We can create something that is perfectly suitable just for you. 


All what you need for your perfect event!

Bring Your Food!

You can bring any food or snacks to our Event Spaces.

We can hide gifts!

Do you want to hide a gift for someone at one of our Escape Rooms? We can organize it, just let us know.

You can decorate the space

Want to decorate the Event Space for your special event? Just let us know and we can do it together.

Our locations

Northwest Express and Time Travel adventures

16261 Redmond Way #150 , Redmond, 98052

The School Of Magic and Crafted adventures

14824 NE 95TH ST , Redmond, 98052

Mona Lisa, Odyssey VR and Alice in Wonderland

16275 NE 85TH ST. Ste E, Unit F, Redmond, 98052

Email :


+1 (425) 906-1094

+1 (425) 906-1094